Make your mobile app accessible, fast
Mobile accessibility is hard to learn and implement beyond the basics. Just ask your developers. We've gone through our share of frustration to become mobile accessibility experts. Your team doesn't need to.
How it works:
1. Subscribe to a plan to have your app tested for accessibility or schedule a call if you have a custom request
2. Get developer-oriented bug reports including fix suggestions right in your bug-tracking system
3. Request a re-test after issues have been fixed. It's included in the plan!

Who we are

We are a small but resourceful team of digital accessibility aficionados. We have deep expertise in making mobile apps accessible at major tech companies and government agencies.

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What we do

We offer an array of services ranging from iOS and Android accessibility audits to providing you with documentation and suggestions on how you can improve accessibility of your apps.

We can help you build process to make accessibility engrained into your software development workflows and culture.

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About Us

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Subscription and custom services

A11y audit/testing subscription
Audit or test one mobile app or feature at a time.
Get InclusionKitSchedule a call >
✔️ Add our email account to your bug tracking system
✔️ We begin the audit within 24 hours
✔️ Get bug reports in 48 hours
✔️ Request a retest after issues have been fixed by your developers
✔️ Make audit/test requests for new features (one at a time)
✔️ Easy credit card payments
✔️ Pause or cancel anytime
Need help with something other than an audit? Let's jump on a call!
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✔️ Workshops on mobile accessibility
✔️ Help developing your own accessibility playbooks/cookbooks
✔️ Vet third-party vendors for accessibility compliance
✔️ Web accessibility audits and testing
✔️ PDF remediation
✔️ How else can we help you?