iOS and Android accessibility audits, training and more

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Accessibility audit
We will test your app manually according to the latest standards and give you a report. We do not rely solely on automated tools.
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Develop an in-house strategy to build processes and educate your employees and management on importance of digital accessibility.
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Making apps compliant
Most software developers don't have expertise in making accessible applications. Training them takes time and money. We can come in and make your app accessible by working directly on your code base.
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Testing with real-world users with disabilities
The only way to ensure your investment in accessibility pays off is to test with real users. We employ users with disabilities who test apps in real-world scenarios.
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Training tailored to your needs
Looking to educate your in-house developers on importance of accessibility and build accessibility into your development workflows? We can run training sessions and code labs.
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World-class reference guides your developers can refer to.
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